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There are links ALL OVER the domain, of course, but here are a few more really good ones! God we LOVE the Internet...

Reciprocal links NOT your average reciprocal links page.
An interesting collection of musicians, thinkers, artists, craftsmen. Definitely worth a look. Hours of good surfing....

Music Business Links | Rhythm in Science and Philosophy  

Music, Spirituality; Links for seekers at at Peace through World Music Lots of world music links and page where music and pirituality overlap...

It's time for a few hip EUROPE based sites.

The Van Kampen homepage - a popular Holland based percussion ensemble, very strong, with 7 CDs out. (hear a sample) Lots more sound samples at their site.

Percussions.org A finely crafted French percussion site. 

Didier Labarre, a drummer/teacher based in Belgium, also has an excellent site. If you don't speak French, you'll wish you did after seeing these two sites...

StickWorks is an indie percussion music publisher out of the uk with several strong percussion composers in their stable of artists.

(back in the USA) Waybeat.com is a great resource, tons of links, from a guy obsessed, like us, with drums and the WWW....go, Craig!!!

Rhythm Bones Central A great resource for lovers of this ultra HIP instrument.

www.pulsewave.com Kim Atkinson's site; lots of content from an excellent percussionist and educator.

The Official Chuck Silverman Website
Chuck has been doing fine work, spending much time in Cuba making books videos and CDs

Alex Pertout's Education Corner
Fine study materials here from various world percussion traditions.

The Brazilian martial art that incorporates percussion...

The Latin Rhythms Homepage

Gordy Ryan's Virtual Drumming Workshop

Steel Pan Drum Page how to make one

The Tabla Site
a comprehensive tabla drumming resource

The Worldwide Samba Homepage

Bali and Beyond an outstanding gamelan resource; pictures, sounds, all about the instruments, everything, really the best gamelan page we've seen...

Indonesian Music More gamelan from Bali and Java

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Doumbek Rhythms.

Pagina Tambora y Guira: de Santo Domingo en Espanol

Mbira Homepage: music from Zimbabwe

Virtual Conga

University of North Texas Percussion Department

Cal Arts School of Music

Drumcall The drum scene in Great Britain

Mike snyder's Virtual drum studio

Burnt Earth Ceramic Musical Instruments Barry Hall's awesome and unusual stuff

Brad Miller's innovative talking drum design

Sabar Drumming Karen Hymbaugh's page on the Royal drums of Senegal

drums.com - George Richman's page has classifieds, drummers' webpages and more.

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Useful Music business links


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Hazrat Inayat Khan on Rhythm

Study: Group Drumming Boosts Cancer-Killer Cells

The REI Institute
a MusicMedicine research organization and therapy provider focusing on the effects of musical rhythm on the central nervous system

Music Therapy links

Timing, concentration and motor skills

Chronobiology and circadian rhythms


Cycles in the Universe: Just how deep into this rhythm thing are you willing to go? Info here about Pythagoras, harmonics, and the structure of the Universe...

The Just Intonation Network

Rhythm Vision
As you can see, rhythm applies to much more than just sound. Artist Dennis Roth explores visual rhythms on this page>

LucyScaleDevelopments, a fascinating site about a revolutionary tuning system.

Miscellaneous Links


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