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NOT your average reciprocal links page. Hours of good surfing..

Hip Hop Samples - offers hip hop samples, acid loops, and fruity loops for modern music producers, plus music production tips & tutorials, beat contests, & music contracts for modern musicians.

Piano Lessons Online
Devote yourself to Piano and become a Piano Jedi knight like your friends before you. All with Tammy’s tutorial.

Music Lyrics
one of the oldest Lyric Archives on the Web is a search engine just for kids.

ACME CD Duplication
discounted drums & percussion, links to good resources

Sara Alexander
born in Jerusalem, this world music artist currently lives in France. Check her out..

The Hall of Panflutists
A wealth of info on the pan flute..
Publishers of fine music publications
Two Austrians tour America by bicycle and write a travelogue about their trip and the USA. Includes a bicycle photo gallery and bicycle touring tips.
Fantasy Baseball Cafe - A site dedicated to all fantasy baseball enthusiasts, featuring forums, strategy articles, updates, draft rankings, cheat sheets, sleepers and humor, all in a friendly cafe atmosphere.

Ethnic Arts Network
a fine portal for ethnic arts networking

if you would like to see your page here, put up a link to rhythmweb, then e mail us...

Ideas by Creativity Pool
Your Free Ideas and Creativity Resource.
It's like the penny cup next to the cash register. This is a big"pool" of ideas. Have a great idea? Add it and be rewarded. Need a great idea? Just ask. It may already be in the database.

Viva Quetzal
/multi-cultural band, music of the Americas, very interesting site. -
The music of Randy Crafton & Amy Platt

A design firm with great work; check em out

S & J CD Duplication Offers CD replication, burning, mastering and thermal imaging services.

Homepage for Drumset players in southeast Asia
at Geocities, go man go.

Roger Odell's page, 

has resources for drumset players

Pete Lockett 
a top UK based Multi percussionist, has cool audio samples at his site. Pete blends many world traditions. 

Octagonal Madness
Musician/web designer/ radio host Chris Sampson's page. Chris has designed sites for Glen Velez, Allessandra Belloni, and many others. A very creative spot. surf this one..

Welcome to Elemental Design
Featuring unique, hand-made mallet percussion by Jim Doble

an extensive French Portal site..en Francais

T-shirts and stuff for Drummers! 
Another Illinois based percussion site that is really worth seeing.
 They got it goin' on up there...
Christine Stevens, drum circle facilitator and REMO artist in the Denver, Colorado area, is doing some very interesting work.. 

Drummer of Brasil Magazine
in Portugese, unfortunately for us  in the USA... looks like it might be good.

Jerry's Jungle
A cool drum related homepage
finely crafte percussion instruments, really beautiful marimbas
World Beat and New Age combined (Houston based)
The Home Page of Drummer/percussionist Peter Tornell  
The worthy organization doing the Drums around the World event.

Tony Vacca & World Rhythms
..."Get with the rhythms of diversity."

A Basses
Basses made by a bass player:
"rhythm strong enough to support a convoy of tanks"

Jim McGrath
LA based drummer/percussionist
Earth Drum Council is doing great work on the drumming for wellness scene in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jaqui MacMillan
Washington DC performer/teacher/percussionist
a site that deals with using repetitive rhythm to achieve
altered states of conciousness; very interesting
Songwriter Kenny Pore's new website, very well done.
great page; fusion of Ghanian traditional music and drumset

L. J. Percussion
Baba Leon Larson makes fine djembes and Ashikos, and does quality repair work.

ARC music
This label specializes in world & folk music. We have a catalogue of
over 320 albums spanning the globe.

ALEX PERTOUT Percussionist and educator in Austrailia

The Drumming Hippie Jesus Freak's Website

Joe Platz, a teacher, drummaker, performer from Hadley,Ma.

FloppDroppi practice pads for drums
(hands drums too; one co-designed and endorsed by Luis Conte!)

Doumbek drumming st Jeff Senn's site
Adam Rudolph's page

Data Creek; my friend Jody Graves is doing 1st rate websites

Mike Rosmore's personal homepage
drumming, Stevie Ray Vaughn and more




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