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Sara Alexander
Born in Jerusalem, this world music artist currently lives in France. Check her out..

The School of Pythagoras an awesome reading list

Bapuji on Music and the search for God 

Ethnosuperlounge is home to Shen Findell and his network of musicians, dedicated to bringing together cultures in a respectful and empowering way through music

Bradley Sowash does Chrurch hosted benefit concerts; check it out

The Neanderthal Flute The discovery of a 43,000-82,000-year old Cave Bear femur bone segment with 4 holes in Slovenia has prompted this musicological analysis, especially in regards to the Diatonic Scale. 

Why Do Civilizations Fall? An Annenberg/CPB project, this site explores the clues archaeologists put together to answer the question.

Abdu'l-Bahá on racism  For those of you who STILL don't get it. . .

C. K. Ladzekpo - African Music and Dance

Arthur Hull a Founder of Community drumming in America

Arthur's Interview with Baba Olatunji is a must-read


A Quick And Dirty Guide To Doumbek Rhythms

Indonesian music a nice gamelan page


Mbira Home Page

The Didjeridu W3 Server

Nomius - Zen Garden wonderful nature sounds at this site. .

OrishaNet  Santeria, etc.

Cora Connection: The Manding music traditions of West Africa

The Bodhrán Page drum'o the Irish

Cuban Music & Musicians

Max Roach HomePage

Mysticism in World Religions

Morteza Anvari's Rumi Page

Gandhi.html-(Kaustubh Nadkarni) A well done site with lots of info on Yoruba culture, Ifa, etc.

Links to other sites on African Traditional Religion

Martin Luther King, Jr.  a comprehensive site on this great leader

The Prophet  Khalil Gibran online. . .

A John Cage Page: Cage resources on the internet

Kalani Homepage lots of links at Kalani's well planned site. . .

A Cherag's Library lots of good World Religion links

Ancient Future has an awesome site, packed with info on World Music, MIDI files, and a great links page. . .

Meister Eckhart: a medieval Christian mystic

The Music Education Launch site lots of good Music Ed Links

Timothy Leary's Page one of the best on the net

Gyuto Tantric Choir the monks...

Ancient World Web all things ancient; tons of links

Mithraism the Legacy of the Roman Empire's final State religion

Jung Web

Dalai Lama on Compassion

All the blues links in the world....

The Official Stomp Website . way bad. . .

Mirabai: the 15th century Indian singer-saint

Sun Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page the Worldwide Samba Homepage

Pagina Tambora y Guira: musica de Santo Domingo en Espanol

East African Music Tanzanian, Kenyan, Zairean, Congolese...

Ravi Shankar Institute for Music and the Perfofming arts.

India Music and Dance Index

The Calypso Tent of the Air from Trinidad/Tobago, a soca/calypso page :-)

  Urban Shaman's Home Page An interactive multimedia electronic book focusing on personal growth and spiritual development.  This site has hundreds of links, webBoard and Chat environment, and email discussion groups.  A great place for enlightened conversation and growth.

No Justice, no Peace section:

the American Class System it exists, contrary to popular opinion. Here's proof.

When Corporations rule the world the truth hurts...

Homeless in America

Nonviolence Web

Greenpeace International Homepage

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