Changuito & Chuck Silverman

We highly recommend:

A Master's Approach to Timbales

Written in collaboration with drummer/educator Chuck Silverman.

Cuban percussionist Changuito (Jose Luis Quintana) has had a tremendous influence on modern world percussion, and in this book/CD set, he and Chuck Silverman document the foundations of the modern art of playing afro-Cuban timbales.

The book is packed with historical information on Afro-Cuban music. Silverman has done a great deal of research, and calls upon Cuban historians and musicians alike to bring the richness of the culture to print. Rare old black and white photos are included.

The excercises are laid out well, and the transcriptions are clear as a bell. Beginning with basic sounds, they work their way through the Danzon, Cha Cha Cha and Mambo, through the Bembe and Mozambique to new hybrid rhythms invented by Changuito, such as the Merensongo and Timba Songo Laye. The final section is a series of solos designed to be played with one hand while playing a constant bell pattern with the other hand.

Overall, an excellent resource. No serious student of the Timbales should be without this book....


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