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Persian Santoor and Tonbak
some of the world's best percussion music.


Funky Metal from Nacao Zumbi in Brazil

Watch Jamal Mohamed

Frame Drum solo
Glen Velez and Layne Redmond
NYC 1989

Bougarabou in Casamance!
close up techniques

Puerto Rican Bomba Drum & Dance

Watch a beautiful legato solo for Tonbak

Peyman Nasehpour; beautiful long rolls..

remember, you can minimize the little window and just listen to the music if you like. It's YOUR computer..[grin]

Young mbira players and a hosho (maracas) player

playing in the field outside Tafara township near Harare, Zimbabwe. [grab a drum & PLAY along with this if you like.

Papi playing some Zydeco with Dennis Cavalier

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