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Goblet Drumming Group FAQ

When Peyman and I formed the Goblet Drumming Group at Yahoo in July of 2001, we were both pretty new to moderating a group. We have learned quite a bit, and in many cases we learned the hard way. :-) We have noticed that many people sign up and ask pretty much the same thing, without doing much research of their own beforehand.

We have posted a lot of material over the past several years, both in the various sub areas of the Yahoo GDG page, such as the links page, and at our various websites. Looked at together, the members of this group have already posted an impressive body of work, and the chances are, the answers to your questions are probably already online, if you look..please surf the links on this page thoroughly before asking a question on your first post..

If you have not yet seen the main GDG (Goblet Drumming Group ) page here at rhythmweb, please have a close look. There are links to many of the members' sites, along with sound files contributed by them. There are quite a few good links at the Rhythmweb doumbek page too..

TO OUR fellow GDG MEMBERS: These are questions that a new lover of goblet drums often has when joining our group. PLEASE HELP. With the help of Goblet drumming Group members we can make this page an excellent reference. Send your ideas regarding this page to stu at rhythmweb, and thanks in advance for your assistance..

Where can i obtain a good quality darabuka (tonbak doumbek etc) on the Web? (note from stu: My first thought is to recommend Kobi Hagoel's doumbek, which is clearly superior to 'regular' drums, worth the extra money,(the 'tak' is exactly and octave and a fifth above the 'doum'), but I would like to include as many links to drum makers here, both custom and mass produced, as we can. In this way we can give the Web surfer a wide range of options..members, PLEASE send me links to more makers of goblet drums..send them to stu at rhythmweb dot com. We'll include them here..Good narrow neck ceramic doumbeks are available from Mid-East Maufacturing, as are copper and Alexandria style aluminum doumbeks. Their Tonbaks (zarbs) are NOT recommended; it is recommended that you find a Helmi, and not just any Helmi, but the RIGHT Helmi. More on this soon, I hope....anyone have a good source? Quentin's hand made stuff is gorgeous..

Are there recommended CD's or artists?

What are the recommended method books? Videos? Again Kobi's book with 6 CD's is recommended; here is the review on it at Drumdojo..i know Daveed Korup's books come highly recommended too, though I 've yet to go through them..Members? Give me some ideas here..i'll post them.


We, the moderators, sincerely appreciate your participation in this Goblet Drumming Group. We want to make it one of the best, most informative & useful yahoo percussion groups, and we know that we can only do it with YOUR help..Never hesitate to send your ideas, comments, and feedback, so we can make it better for all...last but not least, if you have sound files or links, please, send them on, so we can post them..

Peyman Nasehpour, Tehran Iran, and

Eric Stuer, Dallas Texas USA