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Her first Peace Tour trip to the US began on 9/10/2001, the day before the WTC disaster. Upon her return to Israel, she wrote to us, on 12/4:

(Eliana writes) "I am back in Israel. WInter has officially started. It is pouring rain outside. I guess making up for the Indian summer I spent in New York. I actually miss it..."

"Now back home, there is much work to be done as well. We are continuing our peace work here. I have initiated a concert in the Arab village near me, for this Saturday evening. It will be a calming concert with me singing and playing the frame drums and Sunita Staneslow playing the harp. Interesting and lovely combination."

Stu: Well, silly me, but I was worried for her safety. This is probably the most tense period i can remember for the Middle East.. She seemed undaunted, so I refrained from counseling her to lay low, wait a few weeks.. On December 8th, 2001, she wrote again:

"I just came back from the concert. The event was a success :-)... In addition, we also went to a Palestinian folklore dance performance. There was very good live music with the troop. They did a few lovely debka pieces. There were three drummers - One darbuka, and two riqqs. The audience went nuts."

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