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Hi Eric,

It's well after midnight here. So I am quickly sending this off before going to sleep.

Well, if you have contacts with the press - it would just be great. It's a challenge to stick with the same level of energy when negativity abounds.

I just spoke about you and rhythmweb today to Samir - my Palestinian colleague with whom I work and perform in the Eastern Classical Orchestra of Bar Ilan University. I have received a few really lovely emails from the site recently.

It was not an easy week. Example: Samir and I were supposed to meet Wednesday - to perform at a yoga retreat where willing leaders from the Jewish, Chrisitan, Moslem, Sufi communities were convening. Samir and I have a program "East-West Harmony" 2 peaceful voices, male-female, Arab, Jew, and Christian rhythm, oud and violin - Eastern and Western spiritual music - common to all three religions with focus on the common source that unites us all. It is a healing music program.

We planned that I would call him at the beginning of the week in Cairo where he was to have been working on a peace project with an Egyptian children's choir at the Cairo Opera House. On Monday, I went to Jaffa to buy sagat (middle eastern term for zills, or finger cymbals) for the workshop I will teach in New York. Remembering my phone appointment with Samir - I excitedly called him on my cellphone - expecting to reach him in Cairo - and thrilled because he could also bring back Egyptian sagat for the American students.

But alas I reached him at home in the Galillee. The organizers called at last minute and told him not to come because he is Israeli - ( but he is Arab and Palestinian). They told him that in order to come to the Cairo Opera House - he would need to have a letter from Arafat (can you imagine: like this is the first priority in Arafats closed offices in Ramallah)!

He was SO disappointed. He has performed there many times before - now he is being stopped from his work. Then - the retreat concert fell through. And no sagat from Cairo to bring for the American seminar.

While the intifada rages on in daily life and on your tv screen...

We (and many others) are accepting - and happily working and living together - yet we feel frustrated when we cannot share our good with others.

It is frustrating when there is no one to receive. This is very sad indeed.

Who is the culprit?


Comes in many sizes and color.

CNN sells it. Thrives upon it. Exacerbates it.

...and the downward spiral continues...my mother calls worried half to death - because all she sees is the blood and guts shown on CNN (and the likes...don't mean to just single out CNN) and written about in the LA Times (and the likes...) and believes that her daughter must be experiencing this violence and danger as well... Is this true? FAR FROM IT - and the US Government tells Americans not to come to Israel (as if they are flocking here to begin with)! and the tourism industry has been shot to hell this past year. Hotels shutting down. Economy weak.

How am I living? How is Samir living? The TRUTHFUL answer?


PATIENTLY! with ACCEPTANCE - ESPECIALLY in the hard times.

How will we all learn to live differently if we don't see it and hear it communicated? Our voices must be heard. We have an important contribution to make.

Each voice matters - how we use it makes a difference. Everyone of us.

My entire waking hours are dedicated to this - there is much interest and positive feedback overseas (US) - but - we need concrete help to organize events and travel. (attached is a short sound byte of a few different pieces of our music).

You asked how you could help? We would like to perform in the US this summer - and meet with people so that they can see and hear something ELSE.
There is a new Jewish-Arab Dialogue group in Texas. I could get you the contact. Perhaps they would like to sponsor us. Perhaps you know of others? We need help organizing - I am at the limit of my own resources. We will meet with anyone who would be willing to receive our good.

FAITH AND PATIENCE will win over the Exhaustion....

(she says as she nods off to sleep :-)....

all the best,


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