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Our Contemporanea connection is down..no more tan tan..apologies for any inconvenience. when we locate a new source, we will continue..

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Tantan 70x36cm (28" x 14")

  • 57C Tantan Wood Napa skin - not available
  • 58C Tantan Wood Leather skin - not available
  • 59C Tantan Aluminum Napa skin - not available
  • 60C Tantan Aluminum Leather skin - not available

Rebolo 60x31cm (24" x 12")

  • 50C Rebolo Wood varnished or painted Napa skin - not available
  • 51C Rebolo Wood varnished or painted Leather skin - not available
  • 52C Rebolo Aluminum Napa skin -not available
  • 53C Rebolo Aluminum Leather skin - our price - $183.20

Rebolo short 45x3lcm (18" x 12")
[not sure of model numbers here; just specify "short"]
NAPA only

  • Short Rebolo Wood varnished or painted -not available
  • Short Rebolo Aluminum - not available


Repique de Mao

56C - Repique de Mao Aluminum (12”) not available

PLEASE NOTE: We ship[ped] only within the U.S.A. Shipping [was] FREE.

If you are buying in bulk for group events or drum circle use, you get an additional discount. Write for details.

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