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The best taiko overview and history page we've found is HERE.at rolling thunder..

All in all, 
Rolling Thunder, at taiko.com is the best taiko site on the Web. 


 The Taiko Page

Taiko literally means 'fat drum' in Japanese. 

Taiko drumming has been part of Japanese culture for many centuries. Its roots lie in the countless temples and shrines scattered all over Japan where they are played in religious festivals and ceremonies. It is said that the furthest point at which the village Taiko could be heard marked the edge of the village. Taiko also found a home in warfare, making sounds big enough to scare the enemy.

But it is only in the last forty years that Taiko has become a performance art in itself. Groups like Ondekoza and Kodo regularly bring Taiko to a global audience

Check out the world's biggest O' Daiko,  made from a 4 ton block of wood weighing over 9 feet indiameter! It took 12 peple over a year to make it. (made by Asano Taiko)

Asano Taiko One of the oldest Taiko drum manufacturers in Japan

Mochizuki Taiko Drums Handcrafted for the Most Demanding Taikoists completely awesome drums. See this site to believe.


Rolling thunder: an excellent taiko resource





The world's 1st AFFORDABLE solid shell taikos are being made by Del Cielo Percussion






Check out the Taiko Center of Los Angeles if you are interested in taking LESSONS in the southern California area

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