The Woodshed

This page dates back to 1996 and 1997, and is one of the earliest areas of Rhythmweb. unfortunately, it has not been worked on since last century. We do have plans for the woodshed, but are very short of time to complete them at present. One day..[grin]


Rhythm study is very satisfying, and can lead to profound levels of thought, as well as profound states beyond thought. The study of cycles extends beyond sounds to the movements of all things. 

This part of rhythmweb is quite old, and due for an update. Some Rhythm studies are on the navbar on the left hand side. More are on the way.
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Timing, concentration and motor skills

Chronobiology and circadian rhythms


Cycles in the Universe: Just how deep into this rhythm thing are you willing to go? Info here about Pythagoras, harmonics, and the structure of the Universe...

The Just Intonation Network

LucyScaleDevelopments, a fascinating site about a revolutionary tuning system. .

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