Part 1 Cajón de Muertos
Espiritismo Sacred Music

1 - Plegaria
2 - Makuta
3 - Palo

Part 2 Wemillere
Fiesta de Los Orishas

4 - Batá
5 - Iyesa

Part 3 Rumba
6 - Yambú
7 - Guarapachangüí
8 - Guaguancó I
9 - Columbia
10 - Guaguancó II
11 - Rumba-Batá

Featured Artists:

Guillermo "El Negro" Triano Crepo
Juan de Diós Ramos Morejón
Odalys "Lacy" Flores Armenteros
Dolores "Lolita" Banquela Navarrete
Adonys "Puntilla Jr." Pieda Díaz

Yacelis Sánchez
Dámaris Hechavarria Dominguez
Leonardo "Chambron" Planche Lara
Zoila Rizo Sánchez
Domingo Pau Despaine

Santiago "Chaguito"
Garzón Rill
Pedro Arango Favier
Romilio Planche Borrero
Frank Garzón Rill
Omar Spek


Review by Eric Stuer

I still remember the first time I heard raw folkloric Rumba, back in 1976, from the 'Authority' album with Patato and Jose Mangual and a host of other accomplished rumberos. I listened to ' Si Quieres Pan' over and over, along with the other offerings on that old LP, soaking up as much as i could. What magic. Often in those days I wished in vain for a video that would show me exactly how it was all being played, and maybe even a glimpse of the dances that went with the music, about which I had read and heard so much..

Students today need only look as far as this DVD.

We heard about this DVD from our online friend Chris "Flaco" Walker ,a well known percussionist based in the SanFransisco Bay area. We have been watching it in awe since it arrived. For those who are fascinated with Cuban rhythms such as the ones at left but have not often seen the dances up close, and the actual way the rhythms are played and the music interacts with dance, it is a wonderful educational experience.

watch a sample clip at

Keep in mind, though, that the sample clip above cannot possibly convey the clarity and grandeur of the DVD. Each piece is explored fully, with a full view of all the important drum parts and the dance. There are also interviews with many of the principles, and it is all laid out so as to be user friendly.

The project was inspired by the creative energy and leadership of Santiago "Chaguito" Garzón Rill, the former musical director of “Rumberos de Cuba”.

For this project Chaguito invited a group of exceptional artist friends and rumba figures to perform what they passionately live for... cajón-batá-rumba.

Eric Stuer, May2005

Boogalu Productions is an independent group from the San Francisco Bay Area focused on presenting and producing performing art works related to Cuban culture.

In addition they work to develop ongoing relationships and international exposure for select Cuban artists and performing groups that are not well known and who have limited opportunities for a broader audience.
They have a number of other projects that are worth a look.



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