We love Peter Kasule's music

Nankasa 01
a few short bars of the basic rhythm. Peter plays engalabi; Gyavira plays ngoma.

on this take, Peter starts alone on Ngoma, then passes the torch to Gyavira at about 35 seconds, who continues on Engalabi..

yet another short take
Bakisimba 04


Peter Kasule

Ugandan native Peter Kasule is one of the most natural, effortless players we've worked with to date. When he joins us in Percussion Things, He may bring a balophone, or a tiny harp, or something new, but he always brings a nice selection from his massive collection of Ugandan instruments..

are of solid wood, completely covered in cowskin and range from small to very large, and can speak with a voice from soft and subtle to loud and compelling. They can be played with the hands or with sticks.

They are normally played in groups of 7 or so, but for the recordings on this page, there are only two ngoma and one engalabe. These arrangements are impromptu versions of Nankasa and Bakisimba, primarily to show the sounds of the drums. Peter has original music, which will be posted here eventually.

Here are a couple of snapshots of some the drums. click for a bigger version, and use your 'back' button to get back to this page..

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The above drum is named ENGALABI
click for more info

Below: Peter's 14 year old brother, Gyavira, sitting at one of the medium size ngoma. Gyavira has serious skills, despite his youth. It's great fun playing with these guys.

On the 14th of August, 2002, Peter and Gyavira came by the Rhythmweb studios and made another short recording, this one was played on REMO Asongas, which are not unlike ngoma in overall shape (a little slimmer) . The rhythm is Abagoma Twagala Mele, or "Feed the drummers..;-)



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