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Listen to a sample of a drumset groove from 'Mooky's Jazz Club (from his website)

We met Austrailian drumset artist Magesh online during 2006. Magesh has become a very hot item on the drumset scene, one of the NEW SCHOOLERS who is not afraid to choose unusual textures and sounds, a guy who thinks nothing of reaching over and playing a tabla part with one hand while holding down the regular duties with his other three limbs. He mixes drumset playing and electronics in a way that gives him a unique voice which stands out amidst the mass of drumset players on the scene. (If you notice the image on the right, he has a tabla on each side, in case he is busy on the other side..)

Magesh has done interviews for most of the major paper and ink drum magazines. He's also received hearty endorsements from Kenwood Dennard, Ndugu Chancler, John Blackwell of Prince's band, and a big batch of other top notch players; he must be doing something right, huh gang? Despite his fame and good fortune, we found him to be down to Earth and very kind and friendly. His playing has graced recordings and concerts by a number of well known artists, and his work has recently been featured in a Sony Play Station TV commercial. His DVD, Unique Beats, has been selling very well, and he is currently working on a book..

Magesh was kind enough to send us a copy of the DVD, and we have enjoyed it a great deal, but as we began to write a review of it, we realized several well done reviews were already on his website. No sense in repeating it all here, check the links below. WE are glad to know you, Magesh; stay in touch, dude, and keep us posted.

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