ivan01s.jpg (7417 bytes)Ivan Caceres

    AUGUST 16 1956 - MARCH 12 2004

    We were saddened in march 2004 to have learned of the death of our friend Ivan Caceres. Earth has lost a fine musician and a compassionate human being.

    When we first posted the Bongo Page here at Rhythmweb, way back in 1997, we left a request for folks to send us the names of deserving bongoceros. The response was excellent. One man, though, kept sending more and more names, many of which we didn't recognize until we asked Jorge Ginorio, a Texas based percussionist of Puerto Rican descent. He wrote us back, saying, "These guys are currently players on the club scene in P.R."

    I did some more checking, and realized that the one who'd sent us so many current names from the island of Puerto Rico, was indeed a bongocero himself: Ivan Caceres. We struck up a friendship by e-mail, and he sent images of the scene in Puerto Rico for me to post at Rhythmweb. I'm proud to have been amongst his friends on the Internet, and always hoped to meet him in person someday...

    Some time later, Ivan developed his own very serious website, devoted to bongos: BONGOLANDIA. (It is still ably run by his family, and an excellent resource, the best place on the Web to get a mule skin for the macho head of your bongos..)

    He was a frequent contributor to the Yahoo Bongo Drumming Group , and was a true drum brother, always open and helpful to me personally...We miss you, ivan..(That's him above with the bongos.)

    Click here to view more images of Ivan in Puerto Rico.

    Listen to Merecumbe from his CD..

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