Rhythmweb reviews: "The Drumsticky"

by stu@rhythmweb.com 

Another practice pad? When I got the e mail, I was a bit skeptical. i've been playing for over thirty five years, and I've seen a whooooolotta practice pads...so when I read that it was the "hottest new innovation in practice pad technology" I winced just a bit, and wrote a reply. Jim Davis over at Drumsticky.com agreed to send a pad or two for reviewing purposes, and I was pleasantly surprised. As a matter of fact, I have one sitting on my computer table right this minute. they're very handy little items, and they have a pleasantly low price tag; they're only about the same as a couple pair of sticks.

They're very lightweight, they fit easily into a pocket of my stick bag, and they do stick - although, to be fair, you really do have to keep them clean; any dirt on the bottom of the pad will ruin the sticky effect. I realized this quickly, as my first choice of surfaces was a computer table was covered with crumbs from that last bag of chocolate chips. I rinsed my drumsticky pad in tap water, dried it off with a dish towel, and all the stickiness was restored.  Each new surface you put them on gives them a little different sound, and I was testing it out all over the house. Wood, metal, even the washing machine sounds good. When you stack two of them, the feel  and the sound are softer. To top it all off they also make a superior mouse pad. Highly recommended. Check out their WEBSITE, at www.drumsticky.com 



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