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The Bongo Book by Trevor Salloum
A comprehensive guide to playing the bongo drums, ideal for beginners and as well as more advanced levels. Includes interviews with famous bongo drummers including Jack Costanzo, Armando Peraza, José Mangual, and Candido Camero. Book & CD set.

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Fun with Bongos!


Now by popular demand! 
Another Bongo Book specifically for the beginner.

Fun With Bongos
An excellent  beginners' guide to bongo drumming. Assumes to previous musical training. Includes information on drum notation, bongo
technique, selecting bongos,
tuning, terminology, positioning, exercises and simple rhythms, as well as an introduction to the martillo.

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New!  Bongo Drumming - Beyond the Basics

The popularity of The Bongo Book and the high demand for resources on bongos prompted this second book on bongo drumming for intermediate to advanced levels. This volume contains a wealth of information not previously available. It includes over 200 martillo patterns, macho-hembra combinations, slap exercises, rhythms for bell/bongo/conga set-up, extensive rock, nengon and changüí patterns, odd time signatures, Armando Peraza solo transcription, bongo solo discography, chapter on early history, glossary, resource section and much more. 80 pages.



Here's what some folks are saying about The Bongo Book...

"..the only instructional book (CD included) devoted entirely to the
bongo. Highly recommended.. Very Comprehensive! "  -THE DESCARGA NEWSLETTER

"The interviews are worth the price of the book alone."   -Dr. Nathan
Ehrlich, Maui HI

"... loaded with lots of information for both the novice and
professional... the most definitive book out..."  - George Rivera, LATIN

"Among the best treats of the book are the interviews with Jack Costanzo,
Armando Peraza, José Mangual Sr. and Candido Camero, four prominent bongo
players in the United States....the book will serve as a good beginner's
source for people wanting to find some basic information on this much
overlooked instrument "  -Victor Rendon, MODERN DRUMMER

..anyone can play the bongos, maybe that's the appeal, there's no way
around it  the bongo are back  and the man who's written the book on
playing the bongos is Trevor Salloum...they are kind of irresistible the
bongos..."  -David Grierson, CBC RADIO

"Thank-you  for your   Bongo Book. It's excellent".  - David Hassell,
percussionist and
author of Latin Grooves

"I picked up a copy of your book! I think it is great. I'm using the fills
on the drumset." - Billy Miller, drummer, Queens, NY

"...you can learn traditional and nontraditional rhythms on the bongo,
fills, exercises, polyrhythms, ornamentation and maintenance of the
instrument."... "Easy reading and fun to follow as you learn to play the
bongo". -   Rudy Mangual, LATIN  BEAT MAGAZINE

" very thorough and inspirational ...I especially like the  bossa-nova
rhythm using the left hand positions... thanks for writing that book"  -
Danny Frankel , percussionist , Los Angeles

"I bought this book last night   and my girlfriend had to drag me to bed, I
couldn't put my
bongoes down. Great job, great book..."  - Ricardo Portal,  percussionist,

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"you have created a really outstanding book-detailed, informative and fun
to read...thanks again for the great book..." - Charlie Rooney, WORLD -BEAT